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Let us quickly help you with your packaging, shipping and printing to do list, and get you on your way to the rest of your busy day. As simple as buying a card and stamps, to a regular mailbox that we manage for you, we can make your life easier.

Mail & Package Shipping

You can trust us with all of your mailing, packing and shipping needs. We can make sure your packaging is safe, you use the right carrier, and we will track it every step of the way. We are licensed to send shipments via FedEx, UPS and DHL. Our carriers pick up every day at 4PM Monday through Friday.


Working from home, traveling, on your boat, need a safe and secure place for your mail and packages? Let us help. When you rent a mailbox from Eastern Shore Ship Print Connect, you will have a permanent street address, a secure mailbox, and a secure drop-off for your packages. We will notify you when your packages arrive. Our professional service team will make sure you are always connected to business and family.

Virtual Mailboxes

Virtual mailboxes are a convenient and secure way to manage your mail and packages from anywhere. With a virtual mailbox, you can receive and view your mail online, and choose to have it forwarded to you, scanned, or shredded. This service is particularly useful for people who work remotely or travel frequently, as it allows you to access your mail and packages from anywhere in the world.

Passport Photos

Let us take a professional headshot that will get you on your way to your travels. We will take a photo that meets all TSA requirements. If this is your first passport, you should familiarize yourself with the standards for this important document.

Greeting Cards

In the age of social media, nothing will get the attention of your family, friends and colleagues like receiving a personal greeting card that you picked just for them. You will love our card selection! Whether you need to send the sentiments of the season, a happy birthday greeting, congratulations, get well or a Just Because, we have you covered. Need stamps to mail them, we have those too!

Notary Services

You can come to Ship Print Connect with the important documents that you need notarized, copied and sent on their way. We can help our guests with their documents that require the authorization of a notary public. You never need an appointment. Make sure to bring your photo ID when you come in. We can also make copies of your documents and send them on their way.


Our shredding service is available for customers who need to safely dispose of sensitive documents. We use high-quality shredders to ensure that your documents are destroyed securely and completely. We can shred any paper documents that you no longer need, including financial records, legal documents, and personal information.

Wide Format Scanning

Our wide format scanning service is available for customers who need to digitize large documents, such as architectural drawings, maps, and posters. We use high-quality scanning equipment to ensure that your documents are digitized accurately and completely. Once your documents are scanned, we can provide you with digital files that you can use for reference, printing, or sharing.